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What is Photo Booth? 什么是Photo Booth?

Photo Booth is an activity that allows people take a photo with lots of funny props and good environment. Photo Booth is one of most popular wedding activities in western countries in this recent years.
Photo Booth 中文也就是照相棚或是照相亭也就是当今火红的自拍神器,近年来在西式婚礼都非常流行的一个活动之一。

Photo Booth allow all of you can get you hardcopy photo in a short time that after you are taking a photo by using photo booth. This is because photo booth included a service which is instant printing service. Not only for that, photo booth also included a special photo mode, which is the GIF Photo Mode, a photo that can play around with motion when snap a photo.
Photo Booth 是一个结合了即时打印照片的服务,让你拍了照片后就能立即得到照片。当中也搭配了一些新奇的拍照模式,其中也包括了GIF模式(动态式图像 )以及4连拍模式等等。打破传统拍照模式,让拍照增添更多了乐趣了。


Beside that, Photo Booth are stand by with brighten face light system, to make sure have a better photo effect.
除此之外,Photo Booth 也一起配置了灯光设置,完美的达到自拍神器的效果以及提升照片的画质。


Photo Booth is movable booth for snap photo, so it is suitable for different type of event and party, wedding dinner. It allows all yours guests enjoy attend a different event and party.
Photo Booth 也是一个移动式的照相棚,在很多派对或婚礼场合都能摆放,让您的宾客在派对或是其他的活动场合得到非同凡响的活动乐趣。

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