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How does Photo Booth help in your business? - Photo Booth 如何在您的企业上起的帮助?

A lot of company will be held a lot of event to promote their product for their company such as Grand Opening, Promotion Sales, New Product Launching, and Annual Dinner etc. But is it effective to promote their business?


A good corporate event is make the guest have a deep impression for who are attended. For example, we can add on entertainment activity for all the guest, but some of the people will think that are necessary for their event!

It will more effective for your corporate event by add on entertainment activity. Such as add on Photo Booth to your corporate event, it will gain some benefit for your event!


这就错了!在企业活动上增添娱乐活动,不只是能让出席的宾客多了项娱乐的活动,这还能对您的企业有着大大的帮助。就比如说在您的企业活动上摆放Photo Booth, 是一个对您的企业有着许多好处的活动!


First : They are more FUN in a corporate event

第一 : 与众不同的企业活动乐趣!

Photo Booth will let all guests having more fun when attending the event! This is because Happy Snap Snap have a special photo mode which is GIF Photo Mode, it allows guest to snap a picture with a lot of funny motion. So, all the guest will having a different experience and fun compare with other corporate event.

Photo Booth 让出席您的企业活动上的宾客们,都能感受到不一样乐趣!这是因为 Happy Snap Snap Photo Booth 搭配最新潮的动态模式图像( GIF Photo ), 在拍照同时宾客会摆动不同的姿势拍出许多有趣的照片。这么一来,更是增加了宾客出席您企业活动的非一般乐趣!


Second : To disseminate

第二 : 更有效的宣传

Happy Snap Snap Photo Booth will provide a service which is instant photo printing for those who have snap picture by using photo booth. In the printed photo, it can be customize photo frame with company logo, event title and date. After event, for those who had the printed photo, normally they will stick on office table or share to their friend that had attended your corporate event before. It will automatic become a propaganda for your company!

Happy Snap Snap Photo Booth 具有即时打印照片功能,宾客们拍了照片后就能立即的拿到他们的照片。说到这里可能你会认为照片只是给了宾客,宣传在那了? 有效的宣传就是从这些打印出来的照片开始。在这些打印出来的照片, Happy Snap Snap 能精心为你们设计一个独一无二的相框,并且在相框的设计里加入企业的商标以及名称。宾客所拿到的照片自然会分享给身边的亲朋戚友知道自己曾经出席了您有趣的企业活动,这就能达到一个宣传了!


Third : Guest Entertain

第三 :增添活动的互动

For annual dinner or grand opening, guest attended to having a dinner and no other activity for them to enjoy. Hire photo booth in your event, make it more interested and guests can enjoy when attend the event.

在许多的企业活动里,很多的宾客都是前来走走看看就回家了,把这个活动也变得沉闷了! 当您的企业活动有了Photo Booth 后,出席的宾客自然有了多一项的娱乐活动,在您的企业活动里也更加有参与感了!


Guests are enjoy in your event, your company will automatic become deep impression for them and it also improve reputation of your company!



Let Happy Snap Snap Photo Booth to make your event more interested!

Come and contact us to know more about Happy Snap Snap Photo Booth Service!

让 Happy Snap Snap Photo Booth 提升您的企业活动的乐趣吧!


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