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Most Popular Photo Booth - 潮玩至新的 Photo Booth

Most Popular Photo Booth -  潮玩至新的 Photo Booth

Photo Booth are more popular in this year! A lot of organiser will place Photo Booth in their event, party and dinner!
Why just a photo booth can become popular in this, and how special it has?

近年来,Photo Booth 在许多婚宴上或是其他的活动上都成了一种风潮!你是否也察觉到身边的人都在讨论这新鲜有趣的 Photo Booth 呢?
为何区区一个 Photo Booth 能变成一个风潮,一种流行呢?


Here show you how special that make photo booth more popular:


  1. Awesome Souvenirs - 绝佳的纪念品

Photo Booth are special with instant printing service. For the guest who are take picture with Photo Booth, they can instantly get their photo. Many people will see these photo over the event or next year, these printed photos will be precious souvenirs!
配合 Photo Booth 拥有的即时照片打印功能,出席的宾客们拍了照片都能立即的拿到他们的照片。当活动结束后,宾客看回这打印出来的照片,自然成为一个很珍贵的纪念品!


  1. They’re FUN! - 乐趣

Organiser bring photo booth to the activity, to make it different and explore more fun compare with other event or party. Photo Booth will snap the happy moment, when the guest is taking photo by using photo booth.
活动主办人将 Photo Booth 带入一个场地,寻求的就是与众不同的乐趣。宾客们可以在 Photo Booth 里尽情的玩乐,嬉笑怒骂,让 Photo Booth 捕捉每一个乐群的瞬间。让在你们享受 Photo Booth 的乐趣,同时也记录下了美好的时刻!

  1. Entertainment for everyone - 增添互动

Entertainment for everyone by place photo booth in an event or party! In this photo booth, all the guest is free to play around, even an elder person will also join and try something special in the event!
Photo Booth 能让出席整个活动的宾客们都会有很多的互动!在这 Photo Booth 里,宾客们能自由发挥,即便是严肃的长辈,也拿起小道具,扮着鬼脸拍下这难忘的照片。这么以来,宾客们不在是出席一个普通的活动,而是一个能参与娱乐互动的活动啦!

  1. Perfect for any event! - 适合不同的活动场地

Photo Booth are perfect to place in any event! Even a Grand Opening, Wedding Banquet, Corporate Event or Birthday Party, adding a little bit of fun to your event or party make it memorable to all that attend.
Photo Booth 适合摆放在许多不同的场地!不论是新店开张,婚礼晚宴,企业活动,生日派对等等,都能选择摆放 Photo Booth 让整个活动更添欢乐气氛,让宾客感受,出席一个非一般的互动!

Let our photo booth to make your event or party have more fun !
让我们的 Photo Booth 位您的活动增添更多的乐趣!

Our service location mostly will be in Johor Bahru and Singapore area!
Make you event more fun by slot in our Photo Booth Service!

我们多数都会在新山 Johor Bahru 以及 新加坡 Singapore 的地区提供Photo Booth 的服务哦!
把我们的Photo Booth 添加到您的活动上,让整个活动更加有趣好玩!

Come and book with for our Photo Booth Service!

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